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When is the best time to cycle The Otago Central Rail Trail?

Rail Trail
Rail Trail

The Rail Trail season runs from September through to May & to be honest! Any time is the best time to cycle the trail!

Autumn – (March, April & May) Undoubtedly the most popular time to cycle the trail. The weather is still warm & settled although a little chillier in the evenings. The dramatic colours on the vineyards as the leaves turn yellow, orange and red make for a colourful experience in the Clyde & Alexandra area. The Poplars & the Willows that line the trail are magical as they turn golden and drop their leaves in a golden carpet along the trail.

Winter (June, July & August)  can bring low temperatures of up to -6 overnight bur clear bright sunny frosty days make spectacular days on the Rail Trail.

Spring (September, October & November) is a colourful time on the trail. The fruit trees are blossoming, Willow & poplar trees are coming into leaf and the arrival of lambs and calves means that there is plenty to see. The mountains are often still snow capped at this time of year which ensures great photo opportunities.

Summer (December, January & February) can be very hot on the Rail Trail with temperatures of up to 30 degrees. Its best to get most of your cycling done early! There are plenty of opportunities along the way for swimming in the rivers & water holes so make sure to pack your togs!



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