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Luxury Trail Co Terms and Conditions

Please note that by paying your confirmation deposit you are agreeing to our terms & conditions below:


If your booking is made more than 30 days prior to your departure date a 10% deposit is required to secure booking within 5 working days of either written or verbal confirmation of the booking. If we do not receive the deposit within this timeframe Luxury Trail Co (LTC) will make fair & reasonable attempts to contact you to see if you still wish to secure your booking. If contact cannot be made LTC reserves the right to cancel your booking.

The balance of your booking is due prior to 30 days before your departure date.

If your booking is made within 30 days of your departure date then you must pay the entire cost of the booking as confirmation within 5 working days of confirming (verbally or in writing) your booking. Payments by direct deposit from a NZ account attract no fees. Payment by credit card attracts a 3% service charge. Payment by International Money Transfer (IMT) will attract fees at both ends of the transaction and you must cover these by selecting that option when arranging for your IMT.


Payment in full must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to commencement date. LTC reserves the right to cancel your booking without notice if payment in full has not been made by 30 days prior to commencement. Non payment of the balance shall result in a forfeit of your entire deposit. LTC reserves the right to pass on cancellation fees from 3rd party providers whose own cancellation terms and conditions extend beyond our standard terms.

If you are making a booking within 30 days then please note that you are still bound by our standard cancellation and amendment terms. LTC reserves the right to cancel your itinerary without notice should you fail to pay for your itinerary by the date stipulated on your invoice.


Our itinerary service is provided to you at no cost and we are happy to make variations at no charge up until the point that you pay your deposit or pay in full. Making payment indicates that you understand your itinerary and are happy with the arrangements detailed in your itinerary (see Acceptance). If at a later time your plans change and you wish to vary your itinerary, for example:

  • modify dates
  • change your accommodation
  • change your transport
  • reduce the number of bags you wish to have shifted

then please note we reserve the right to add an administration charge in order to make the requested changes and reprint any material that we’ve prepared for you.

Changes can be made up to 30 days prior to departure. Once you are inside the 30 days prior to departure period, any major changes such as date changes, accommodation changes (where you change where you are staying), decreasing the number of people, bikes, bags or seats on transport will be deemed a cancellation and the cancellation policy will apply. Luxury Trail Co reserves the right to amend any of the facilities/services or prices should it become necessary in the interests of safety or other unforeseen circumstances. You will be informed of these amendments immediately. LTC will refund any overpayments.

4. CANCELLATION (or partial cancellation)

Most bookings involve several outside operators – accommodation providers/ experiences/ transfers etc. In many cases, once your booking with them is confirmed, they will have turned away other enquiries. Given they will likely have reserved space for you well into the future, resourced for provision of services and due to the remote location of the trails and the sequential manner of the activity there is little probability that providers will be able to fill the space with another booking. Therefore, if a late cancellation occurs, they must be reimbursed for lost income.

All cancellations must be made in writing.

  • Cancellation outside 30 days of departure: LTC will retain 25% of the total cost of your booking and 75% will be refunded into a New Zealand bank account of your choice. We will endeavour to refund you for as many services as possible
  • Cancellation between 29 – 15 days of departure: LTC will retain 100% of the total cost of your booking and credit to a future date.
  • Cancellation within 14 days of departure: You will receive no refund for cancellation within 14 days of your booking commencing.
  • Cancellation after commencement of booking: You will receive no refund once your booking has commenced. There are no refunds for unused services.
  • Cancellation due to bereavement or health reasons will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Cancellation due to COVID-19: If you cannot travel due to a government imposed travel ban, LTC will hold a credit of 100% of your trip to reuse at a later date when you are able to

We highly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking. This will cover for any unforeseen eventualities. Domestic travel insurance is now available to cover covid related travel risk and we expect that you have arranged appropriate insurance cover for your trip. If you are affected by Covid then we will provide the necessary documentation for you to make a claim.

5. COVID-19

Where the Government has imposed a national or regional lockdown, accommodation and activity providers are providing transfers should your trip be directly affected by Covid. In some cases a cancellation fee will apply that is credited back against your transfer. The transfer is a direct swap to a date in the future with the same providers. In some cases, new season price rises may apply.

In regards to Luxury Trail Co services,

In the event of covid legitimately affecting your travel plans as detailed below, your booking will be transferred to new dates at no additional cost. If the group can no longer travel together in the future, the booking can be divided as necessary.. Should you decide to change your Covid transfer dates after they have been booked then normal admin charges will occur. Eg you were affected by Covid and transferred, then you needed to change that booking due to other circumstances (illness, injury etc).

The particular events that would preclude travel would fall into the following

  • A halt placed to travel, by the Government, that prevented you from reasonably making your way to Central Otago.
  • A regional lockdown preventing you exiting your region
  • A regional lockdown preventing entry to Queenstown Airport, Central Otago or Dunedin Airport.

There is an overriding proviso. It is expected that the rest of the group would continue to travel if they

  • do not live at the same address and
  • do not display Covid symptoms
  • in the case where a regional lock down prevented exit, if members did not reside in that region and could still travel then they would
  • and the resultant group size would be two or more people


We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time.


The Client accepts that cycling and associated activities have inherent risks, and can be dangerous.

The Client understands that these risks include (but are not limited to): illness, navigational difficulties, rough riding conditions, poor weather, and collisions, all of which may occur in isolated areas. The Client accepts all responsibility and liability for ensuring their own safety. Luxury Trail Co reserves the right to withdraw any person from the trail who they believe likely to be a danger to themselves or others.


To the extent permitted by law I hereby release, waive, discharge, hold blameless and indemnify Luxury Trail Co and all persons entities and contractors connected to Luxury Trail Co from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury (including mental injury), property damage, property theft, loss of personal equipment and all other foreseeable risks, claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) whatever and however occurring which may arise, at any time, from or in connection with, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of me carrying out the activities detailed in my itinerary. The client must provide their own travel insurance to cover their expenses in cases of unforeseen circumstances. The client must provide any medical details that may adversely affect their participation (e.g. asthma, pregnancy, chronic conditions) at the time of booking, so that we may discuss contingency planning with you.


The Client understands that New Zealand Law requires the use of Bicycle Helmets and agrees to wear a helmet at all times when using the bicycle.

If the client has chosen to contract us for BIKE HIRE then the Client is liable for damage caused to any bicycle hired from Luxury Trail Co while using or in charge of the bicycle. We expect that bikes will experience general wear and tear and are very accepting of this, however this does not extend to broken components where the user has had an accident, has been negligent or purposefully damaged the bicycle. In all cases, the Client will accept responsibility and pay for the repair of damaged or broken items, noting that we will only pass on the wholesale cost (inc GST) of the component plus any labour costs. Examples of damage may include (but are not limited to) the following

– Buckled wheels due to impact, being jumped on or driven over, or placed in a bike rack and allowed to fall over.
– Flat spots on tyres due to repeated skidding
– Broken, damaged or missing cycle computers
– Broken, damaged or missing bicycle lights
– Missing puncture repair kits or the components from a puncture repair kit
– Missing or damaged helmets. Should you experience a serious fall with a head impact, we will need to replace the helmet at your cost.
– Broken pannier racks due to impact or overloading or doubling a person.
– Broken derailleurs, brake levers, shifters, bent crank arms, and ripped saddles due to impact or operator error
– Broken E-Bike batteries due to failing to secure, dropping or improperly handling the battery

Luxury Trail Co will endeavour to provide the Client with the requested type of bike, eg MTB, Comfort bike, kids bike or E-Bike. From time to time this may not be possible due to reasons outside of its control and LTC will provide an alternative bike. In the case of an E-Bike hire we will always endeavour to source an E-Bike from another local company if possible. We will endeavour to get you onto your requested type of bike as soon as practicably possible during your journey. Possible reasons why this clause may take effect are:-

– previous hirer damaged the bike and we have been unable to repair it in time, or has failed to return the bike at the arranged time and location
– you, the Client, have provided incorrect measurements and we have subsequently provided a bike
– Luxury Trail Co have made an administration error when booking and resourcing your bike

As we continuously update our bikes and manufacturers modify / change the names, styles and availability of particular models we may need to resource a different make or model from what we intended. In such cases we will seek to source the best alternative to fit the required style of bike. As such we may not provide the exact model that you’ve requested but we will always provide the style (eg MTB, Comfort, Kids, E-Bike etc).


The client acknowledges that they have sole responsibility for their personal possessions while undertaking the activity.

11 – Force Majeure

Luxury Trail Co shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, inconvenience, additional expenses, breach, delay or failure to perform it’s obligations (directly or indirectly) under this Contract where such injury, damage, loss, inconvenience, additional expenses, breach, delay or failure is caused by war or terrorism, civil commotion, hostilities, strikes, trade disputes, pandemic, breakdowns, interruption of transport, act of God, fire, governmental or political action or directives, acts or omissions of a third party or any other cause force majeure beyond Luxury Trail Co’s reasonable control. The occurrence of such an event shall not give the Buyer a right of cancellation of the contract. In this regard Luxury Trail Co will negotiate a credit (either full or partial) with all contracted providers such that this credit can be used in the future by the Buyer or other party nominated by the Buyer.

12. Acceptance

Payment of your deposit is deemed as acknowledgement that you have read Luxury Trail Co terms and conditions and understand and accept them. It is also an acknowledgement that you have read your itinerary, checked that dates and times are correct as per your own travel plans and you have understood what goods and services you have requested and agreed to pay for.


Last modified: May 2023

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